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This kitchen is all about storage solutions and functionality – essential in any family home

“This new kitchen makes a statement. It’s functional and is everything the owners wanted, and more. The result is much more impressive than what they had envisaged. The clients knew what they wanted so we worked together to bring their ideas to life and incorporate everything they had dreamed of having in a new kitchen. The couple wanted easy access to their cabinets so we incorporated Häfele’s tandem pantry into the design. This is one of their favourite items as it makes reaching canned and dried goods so much easier. The fitters initially told the clients that wine racks wouldn’t work in the space, but with some persuasion they were fitted by setting the racks back from the leading edge of two doors to incorporate them into the design.”

Designer: Cindy Baker for Masters Forrestdale with Häfele

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Originally from Kitchens Yearbook magazine, Volume 17

Upgrade your Home Office

Upgrade your Home Office

Head to Häfele Home to shop the full range of Home Office Essentials. We aren’t kidding when we say we want to transform your space with functionality and design.

Häfele Overhead Storage Solutions

Häfele have some fantastic-innovative overhead storage solutions, which can modernise and maximise kitchen cupboard functionality by transforming a conventional cabinet unit into an ergonomic storage system.
Clever Storage by Hafele

Clever Storage by Häfele

Are you busy planning your new kitchen? Perhaps you are just looking for a kitchen upgrade and are in desperate need of more storage. Have a look at how your kitchen space is currently used. Do you have many tall and overhead cabinets? What’s in your kitchen corner?
Häfele’s Drawer Range

Häfele’s Drawer Range

Can you remember the first time you thought about renovating? Maybe you’re right in the middle of your first renovation project. Something as simple as a drawer can end up being a big decision you make. There is not just one type of drawer that simply fits it all
Storage Solutions

Wardrobe and storage solutions by Hafele

Storage solutions from Häfele don’t end in the kitchen. Wardrobes are another area where efficient storage solutions are much appreciated. From hanging spaces for dresses, shirts and blouses to pull-outs for shoes and pants, Häfele can help you building a functional wardrobe you will love!
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