French provincial kitchen elegance


Combining modern conveniences with a stylish and traditional look, this kitchen offers the best of both worlds.

Located in the glamorous Sydney suburb of Vaucluse and boasting views to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this house is in an enviable position.

The original timber kitchen, however, was looking quite tired and dated. It lacked all the convenience of today’s modern appliances and kitchen fittings, was impractical for the owner’s needs and didn’t make the most of the spectacular views. So when the owners approached Andrew Dee from Wonderful Kitchens to design the new space, they knew exactly what they wanted in a kitchen.

The house has a very luxurious look and a feeling of elegance, so the new kitchen needed to fit in with its surrounds. But this look needed to be paired with a host of modern features to increase the room’s functionality.

A hand-painted French provincial style was chosen, to stay in keeping with the rest of the home. It looks effortlessly elegant and makes for a seamless flow throughout the living area.

Structural changes were made to the cooking area, to centre the main feature cabinetry on it. “The design centres on the custom-built cooking section with mantel and wide columns with roller shutter appliance cabinets built in behind,” says Dee.

Integrated fridges help create a streamlined look, while the central island offers practical bench space for food preparation. Distinctive display cabinets on the end of the kitchen face into the eating area, which is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal while taking in the magnificent harbour views.

“The joinery is detailed without being over the top, and there is a good balance with the use of modern elements, such as appliances and kitchen hardware/fittings,” he adds.

The kitchen was designed by Andrew Dee and built by Wonderful Kitchens.


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Photography by Eliot Cohen

Originally from Kitchen Yearbook Volume 16

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