Get down and juicy

Get down and juicy
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With summer just around the corner, we’re looking to get healthy and refreshed with these top juicing machines

 modern juicers save time and encourage health and vitality.

Breville Juice Fountain Max

Wow! This juicer really packs a punch. For a fuss-free person who’s on the go, this might be the perfect addition to the kitchen benchtop. Once you’ve got your head around the assembly, the sturdy machine will take its place, anchored by its suction pads on the bottom. Bulky it may be, but this is not for a small kitchen or an owner who intends to waste time packing a juicer away. What really makes it stand out from the crowd is its speed and efficiency. Pop your fruit or veg in the top and see it disappear — separating juice from pulp — in approximately two seconds flat. No chopping required. The chute is large enough for apples, oranges, carrots… you name it.


 modern juicers save time and encourage health and vitality.

Sombrero Juicer

While we had intended to review only electric juicers, we couldn’t help sneaking in this nifty little number. Though you’re limited to citrus fruits with the Sombrero Juicer, we did feel that being able to juice straight into a bottle or glass was pretty useful. Plus, once you’re done, it’s super easy to clean and pops straight back in the cupboard or drawer.


 modern juicers save time and encourage health and vitality.

Russell Hobbs Juiceman Pro

This smooth operator looks sleek and we found it to be pretty functional too. A good middleof- the-road option, it requires some chopping, but not loads, and also won’t take up the whole kitchen. It’s a little slow to start with but, once it gets going, it’s reliable and works well. What we liked best about the Juiceman Pro was there weren’t loads of fiddly bits, which made cleaning relatively easy. When all’s said and done and you’ve got your juice, the last thing you want is to spend hours cleaning.


 modern juicers save time and encourage health and vitality.

Metrokane Rabbit Mighty OJ Juicer

If you’re a lover of all things citrus, the Mighty Rabbit OJ Juicer may be for you. While juicing is often a messy affair, this machine makes the mess fun. Not only does the Mighty Rabbit have a funky ’50s aesthetic, it also has a crank, which makes you feel like you’ve landed in the fair on Grease. Of course, drawbacks include not being able to juice an apple or a bit of ginger, but we think it looks pretty chic so that makes up for it.


 modern juicers save time and encourage health and vitality.

LifeSpring Slow Juicer

For someone who dreams of a big kitchen but has to make do with a small one, this juicer really appeals. Made of many smaller components, it’s the type of machine that can be tucked away when not in use and won’t take up an entire cupboard. That said, this convenience also has its drawbacks. All fruit and veg must be cut up into small pieces in order to fit into the compact chute, which makes for a slightly time-consuming juicing session. We do, however, love the cute tofu-making mould that comes with it as well as the book of juice recipes for both the adventurous and those less so. Once in action, this attractive little fella is quiet and functional.



Originally from Home Renovation magazine, Volume 10 Issue 3

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