Iconic Tap Design: Exciting European tapware range


Inspirational and enduring, the beauty of this kind of European tap design is its ability to be look striking while naturally suiting Australian interiors

Taking iconic international design and giving it a unique Australian edge, the latest European tapware collection from Gareth Ashton introduces never-before-seen designs for inspired bathroom spaces. Decisive lines and bold form play a starring role in the collection, with a range of styles, from the contemporary Park Avenue to the elegant Lucia, effortlessly adding excitement to any interior.

The angles and edges of New York are brought to life with the Park Avenue range, its sharp lines and rectangular forms possessing a styled minimalism. For a softer look, Madison Avenue perfects a calm balance of organic shapes and bold form. Both ranges exude a confident beauty that is seamlessly integrated into a variety of spaces.

Across the Atlantic, Lucia and Bella Verona are inspired by timeless Italian design. Lucia invites a sense of minimalism with elegant circle elements, while Bella Verona boasts a stylish simplicity in its tap design. With Abey Australia’s commitment to state-of-the-art craftsmanship and enduring style, each range in the Gareth Ashton collection brings the best in design, manufacturing and quality to Australian interiors.


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Originally from Bathrooms Yearbook magazine, Volume 18

Abey sink

Alfresco sinks and kitchen mixers by Abey

An Alfresco area would not be complete without a Sink and Kitchen Mixer that can stand the elements, made from Marine Grade stainless Steel 316. The matching tapware is manufactured in Europe with three design options.
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Quality and choice

Throughout Australasia, the name Abey is synonymous with knowledge, quality, innovation and service. Having been in business for almost 60 years, Abey Australia is recognised as a leader in the kitchen and bathroom industry and is often chosen for many lines of award-winning European designs and developments.
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