Industrial meets mid-century modern: a fresh kitchen design
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This homeowner wanted their previous ‘80s kitchen to be transformed into a unique industrial-style space with a twist of mid-century modern to blend with the dining and living areas

Though myriad juxtaposing elements have been utilised for this kitchen, the colour black features in many of the materials, appliances, storage solutions and accessories to create flow within the space. The homeowner’s brief was to maximise bench space and usable storage, add drawers where possible, and include wine storage as well as book and display shelves. It was also requested that an inherited radio/cassette player be located in the kitchen as it had been in the homeowner’s grandparents’ kitchen for many years.

The extra benchtop and storage space the homeowner desired was made possible by extending the kitchen space a metre into the dining area and including the box set. The top overheads with cabinetry lighting made way for the wine storage requested. The Bora cooktop allows the kitchen to function without an overhead rangehood, while keeping the compact kitchen feeling open.

Though the pantry is small in width, its depth is maximised through the use of Blum Legrabox inner drawers, which create the sleek, streamlined, mid-century modern look present throughout the kitchen space. This is further accentuated by the integrated appliances and storage drawers designed to hide clutter. Open shelves were worked in between the kitchen and living/dining area for the homeowner’s radio, and bookshelves were incorporated into the space to create flow between the living room and kitchen.

Designer: Emma Pearce for Fresh Kitchen Solutions

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