A dream come true: a unique kitchen design
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This French- and Italian-inspired four-level home was built in the early 2000s, however the full potential of the house was only recently realised when the new owners completed an internal fitout

‘Montepulciano’, as this home has been appropriately named, was based on a house discovered in the Tuscan township, Montepulciano, Italy, by the previous owners. Surrounded by vineyards, the residence was the perfect home for the couple to replicate on their land on the Mornington Peninsula. The new owners wanted a unique kitchen that was going to complement their kuuuhome and be a standout. It also needed to tie in with the build, a truly timeless classic. They wanted clean lines and an uncluttered look, so the flat doors, proud face-mounted mouldings and touch-openings were perfect to create the look the owners were after. LED strip lighting was added around the splashback to highlight the gorgeous marble. The solid timber shelves and diagonal solid timber wine rack complement the timber panels in the hot plate alcove.

Designer: Daryl Watkins for Smith & Smith Kitchens

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Project Details

CABINETS AND PANELS: Two-pack Dulux Natural White
INTERNAL HARDWARE: Blum soft close
STORAGE SOLUTIONS: Kessebohmer pull out and secret drawers
MOULDINGS: Bolection face-mounted mould
BENCHTOP: 80mm natural marble mitred edged
SPLASHBACK: Natural marble
PAINT: Dulux Natural White
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