Insinkerator: The only choice for families

The InSinkErator food waste disposer is the perfect choice for any family looking to reduce waste, and time spent in the kitchen

The benefits of an InSinkErator food waste disposer are numerous – such as:

  • Environmentally friendly – It’s better for the environment, requiring just 1% of the average household’s water usage and reducing household waste going to landfill.
  • Shorter clean up time in the kitchen – the bins fill up slower, and majority food scraps can be easily disposed of through the sink
  • Grinds food without blades – disposing of scraps in seconds
  • Quiet – unlike the noisy waste disposers of eighties American sitcoms, this contemporary InSinkErator food disposer keeps noise at a minimum
  • Cleaner kitchen – overall, the elimination of food scraps from your bins will mean a reduction in smells, bin spillages and germs.
  • Convenient – minimises food handling and reduces meal preparation and clean up times

For more information about InSinkErator, check out their website.


Written by Lauren Farquhar

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