Behind the design: an interview with Katia Slogrove


With more than 10 years’ experience under her belt, award-winning designer Katia Slogrove brings a depth of knowledge, experience and personalised style to her designs

When savvy design talent, a sharp eye for style and a keen business sense combine, an industry success story is not an unimaginable outcome. On a trip to Italy at 17, Katia Slogrove began carving her career path, knowing she’d one day live the design life. “I was so inspired by the architecture and design in Italy, I knew I wanted to become an interior designer,” says Katia. “It was very much a lightbulb moment.”

While Katia’s interiors are predominantly designed with the Gold Coast lifestyle in mind, they also combine innovative and out-of-the-box elements, which results in unique spaces. But her source of inspiration isn’t always so black and white. “My design inspiration comes from anywhere,” says Katia.

“I could be staring at a piece of furniture and all of a sudden, I see this great detail that could suddenly work in the kitchen.”

Katia’s kitchen designs for Germancraft are quickly gaining praise, with elements that are as eclectic and cool as the designer herself. “At the moment, my Germancraft showroom kitchens are getting a lot of attention online,” she says. “Magazines and social media went into a meltdown when Laminex posted the display kitchens on their Facebook page.”

Katia now has a line-up of special projects in the works, and the designer’s career is going from strength to strength. “I’m working on a huge renovation on the Gold Coast for a local celebrity,” she says. “The house and the style is very modern and contemporary, with lots of contrasting colours and some earthy tones. The scale of the kitchen is enormous — it has three island benches!”

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