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Connect your heart to your home with the latest intelligent and wireless system, the Hafele Connect. Now you can enjoy music anywhere in your home and choose the ambience of your room by adjusting the lights accordingly.

The Loox LED system can be controlled at the touch of a finger to create the perfect atmosphere, whether that’s turning off the lights, dimming them, or changing the colour temperature. Different lights can be grouped together and time-controlled, all from the central Hafele Connect app on a smartphone or tablet. The app links itself to the Connect BLE (Bluetooth low-energy technology) boxes via Bluetooth for a simple and elegant method of centrally controlling your home.

Whether you’re on the go, reading a book or cleaning up a storm, the right music can energise, soothe or set the scene. An invisible sound system ingeniously installed into furniture pieces, the Loox sound system 420E with Exciter speakers will make your tunes accessible anywhere. A Bluetooth receiver with two or four Exciter speakers fits neatly into a cabinet, sending vibrations through different surfaces so your furniture becomes a sound conductor. Combining seamlessly with the Loox LED system, your house can be controlled easily through one app.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Issue 25 Volume 4

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