steel oven with steam cooking options

Just add steam: steel ovens and cookers


Enjoy steam cooking at home with this top-of-the-range of steel ovens and cookers

Steam cooking has been popular at top restaurants for decades, so it’s no surprise it’s the latest and greatest in the modern quest for at-home dining perfection. Enter Steel, a company that offers the only upright cooker on the Australian retail market with combi-steam technology built right in.

Combi-steam cooking utilises a combination of regular oven cooking with the added use of steam. This provides an improved cooking experience by stopping food from drying out, helping to preserve nutrients and vitamins and delivering improved taste. You’ll save time and energy as heat transmission is eight times more efficient, so cooking times are reduced by up to 15 per cent.

Steel’s entire range of steel ovens and cookers is available with this unique functionality. The interior of the ovens are made from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel and feature removable panels, making them extremely easy to clean.

Steel is an Italian company with a long family heritage originating from Carpi, near Bologna. It is owned and run by the Po family, who are the third generation to be involved in the production of range cooking equipment. So, while the technology may be new, you can be assured of a long-standing commitment to quality and workmanship.

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly Volume 23, Issue 3