NSW Kitchen Designer Profile: Dean Welsh


Dean’s creativity and ability to create unique design solutions sets him apart from the crowd.

After spending 20 years as a marketing professional in the entertainment industry, Dean Welsh of thinkdzine made a significant career change in becoming a designer. Nineteen years on, it’s clear he made the right choice; his designs are incredible and his passion for the industry and his work only amplifies with time.

When asked about his decision to become a designer, he says the main driving force behind it is the satisfaction he feels when handling complex design details and managing the delivery of a quality finished product that is revered by his clients.

Dean has spent many years nurturing his creativity and moulding thinkdzine into a well-respected design studio, proud that it shows off the very latest design trends from Italy. His efforts have paid off with various awards for his projects, and we’re sure there are many more to come.

When discussing design trends for 2018 and beyond, Dean says there is a strong shift towards the disguising of kitchen essentials as furniture pieces. “Additionally, there is an increase in the use of multiple finishes and colours, wood textures and textured paint finishes will become more popular, the use of texture and washed benchtop finishes will increase, and I think cladding stone to doors to create a block marbled look will be introduced,” he reveals.

Dean takes pride in his ability to think creatively in order to provide unique design solutions based on careful attention to creative detail. Though his ideas are questioned by his clients on occasion, he knows how to ensure these ideas are executed in a way that suits his clients’ tastes and needs. “It is the job of a designer to push the boundaries and to get acceptance from willing clients,” he says. “It is not about being different for the sake of it; it’s about being creative to achieve better outcomes.

“I really enjoy getting to know my clients and understanding how they live and what’s important to them,” Dean continues. “This information is what drives the design process, and I love taking their ideas up a notch and presenting a finished space they’re really
excited about.”

Website: thinkdzine.com.au

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