Kitchen idea: Luminous and elegant


Fresh, light and whimsical: this indoor-outdoor kitchen is an absolute smash

“The client wanted a peaceful haven with a spiritual dimension in her beloved late 19th century terrace in Redfern, Sydney. She wanted to return home each day and feel like she was on holiday. Although on the edge of the city, this home’s private garden might as well be in the bush as it’s so quiet.

Connecting the kitchen to the garden was very important in the design, as was expressing the owner’s unique personality in a workable, multidimensional room. Positioning food preparation on the edge of the kitchen and towards the garden required special consideration. And as lighting was a very important feature in the design, the materials used had to have a luminous nature.

Samsung Staron® Solid Surfaces were selected for the benchtops as they are highly durable and possess beautiful, smooth lines. By using light to illuminate the Staron® surfaces, a luminescence was created to backlight the food preparation areas.

Additional lights were added around the sink. Energy efficiency was also an important consideration, so more specific task lighting was created using low-maintenance LEDs, and the use of traditional overhead lighting was minimised. The overall result of this design is an inviting space that blurs the boundaries of outdoor and indoor living, and a kitchen that transforms from a bright vibrant space during the day to an illuminated magical area at night. It also won Best Small Kitchen in NSW at the KBDi Designers Awards.

Designer: Karl Noonan for Karl Noonan Designs

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The whimsical flooring.

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Solid surfaces such as Staron® are among the top choices for durable benchtops.

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Originally from Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Volume 21 Issue 4

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The kitchen space is open plan, so colours and finishes were chosen to create a warm and inviting feel. Deep greys, timber, stainless steel and soft whites add character and interest.
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