The Alfresco Party


Your alfresco area is awash with afternoon light, creating a warm ambience to match the temperate, autumn air

Cushions on outdoor couches wait patiently for guests to arrive, inviting comfort and ease, and the table boasts a delicious antipasto platter. The bar fridge is stocked with a fine selection of drinks, pre-made salads and meat, which is ready to be cooked on the barbecue once the party is underway, and the fire gently puffs the smell of communal gathering into the air.

A wonderful night is set to unfold.


To ensure the night is one to remember, there are a few simply things you can do, which will help you ooze with the gentle grace of a seasoned party host.

Ensure you have all required cooking utensils neatly tucked away in drawers and cupboards in your alfresco kitchen, so that they can be easily accessed when you decide to start wafting delicious smells of your new herb and spice meat rub through the air.

Have a dedicated container or area for recycling, and a separate one for rubbish. These can be in an inconspicuous place in your outdoor space; it allows guests to feel at home by doing their part to clean up and keeps your party looking fresh and decluttered throughout the night.


Check the gas bottle and ensure there is sufficient gas. Particularly for later in the evening when you want to warm gooey chocolate puddings on the barbecue to serve with the decadent vanilla-bean ice cream you found earlier in the week. Nothing says dinner party like an after-dinner chocolate indulge.


As the moon rises high in the sky and the laughter is replaced by gentle murmurs, you feel relaxed and satisfied knowing that your trusty utensils are back in their cupboards and drawers, the majority of the clean-up is done, and family and friends cannot wait for the next gathering in your magical space.

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