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Utilising overhead cabinets will provide extra storage opportunities for homeowners, as well as transform the day-to-day functionality and ergonomics of the home.

Blum’s AVENTOS lift systems combine quality, reliable hardware with a modern look that complements many designs, whether it be vibrant, neutral, or dark palettes.

AVENTOS lift systems are suitable for almost every overhead storage application. By moving cabinet fronts up and out of the way, homeowners experience complete freedom of movement around the space without needing to duck and weave around open cabinet doors. This feature is convenient in the kitchen when doing activities such as preparing a meal and entertaining guests, or unpacking items from the dishwasher into overhead cabinets. In the home office setting, AVENTOS cabinets can be left open throughout the workday, so items are always readily available to improve your productivity. Homeowners can also leave overhead cabinets open in the bathroom during the morning rush, or in the wardrobe while choosing their outfit for the day.

Blum Storage Capabilities

When leaving AVENTOS overhead cabinets open throughout the day, it’s important to consider the style and design of your cabinet interiors. With sleek and modern cover cap designs available in silk-white, light-grey and dark-grey options, homeowners and renovators are able to carry the room’s aesthetics into the cabinet interior.

Blum Bathroom Opportunities

With soft-close BLUMOTION as standard, AVENTOS ensures overhead cabinets close gently, no matter what level of force is applied. Whether you’re in the middle of the breakfast or dinner rush, AVENTOS kitchen applications will close quietly behind you. While working from home, overhead cabinets can be closed quickly and silently before starting your virtual meetings.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Homeowners can further enhance the functionality of their overhead storage units around the home by incorporating Blum’s motion technologies. With the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system and SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system, users can achieve an even more sophisticated experience when opening and closing overhead cabinets.

Discover new Storage Opportuinities

The range of AVENTOS lift systems delivers several varied applications to ensure homeowners can use them for various applications, not only in the kitchen but throughout the home. Whether there are tricky spaces around kitchen and laundry appliances, or surrounding the bathroom mirror, the AVENTOS range ensures homeowners can utilise overhead storage spaces with ease everywhere in the home.

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