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There are some things money just can’t buy, and when it comes to inner-city living, a garden is priceless. That’s why we love A-Plan Kitchens’ outdoor viewing kitchen, which was designed with the outdoors in mind.

“Thanks to the stunning splashback window, it feels as if the kitchen is larger than the room’s physical dimensions. The sink and pop-up rangehood are sleek and stylish and don’t interfere with that view — an important design consideration for the owners. Sleek, streamlined cupboards provide an aesthetically pleasing storage solution for a family of four, with a short section of under-bench space devoted to seating for the younger members of the family. Another enviable feature of this room is the butler’s pantry. We love the appliance shelf, perfect for tucking away those bulky devices not in use every day, and the amount of storage space hidden behind those doors. Before the kitchen was built, each storage jar and pot was measured to ensure the space was just right for the owners’ requirements.”

Designer: Karen Crossley for A-Plan Kitchens

We love the way the garden has expanded the size of the kitchen.

EXPERT TIP: For a room you’ll love for life, work with a kitchen designer who’s willing to take into account your exact needs.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 25 Volume 2

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