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Space-saving cabinet solutions


In the planning stages of designing a new kitchen, it’s important to consider your needs and wants, especially around your storage and functionality requirements. Utilising all of the space in your kitchen designs is now easier thanks to Blum’s space-saving cabinet solutions, which ensure all available space is optimised.

Blum’s practical cabinet solutions are designed to create valuable additional storage without impacting the size of the room. The SPACE TOWER, SPACE CORNER, Sink Drawer and SPACE TWIN can all help optimise hidden space in kitchens and throughout the home.

Space Tower Pantry
The SPACE TOWER pantry makes optimal use of storage space and ensures every item is always close at hand through the use of individual pull-outs. The contents of the drawers are organised and accessible from three sides. The drawers extend fully and open individually, providing plenty of storage space. The cabinet can be narrow or wide depending on how much storage space is required, the size of the household, and the cooking and shopping habits of the user. SPACE TOWER can also be used in other locations around the home, such as bedroom wardrobes, the bathroom and in the living room.

Get more out of corners
Too often, corner spaces in kitchen cabinets are wasted as items stored there are uncomfortable to access and quickly forgotten. Innovative cabinet solutions like Blum’s SPACE CORNER make optimal use of corner cabinets. The spacious angled drawers utilise the available space to its full potential, thanks to their full extension drawers that allow for easy access right into the back corner.
Create extra storage space
Make use of even the smallest storage space in the kitchen while maintaining a uniform appearance with Blum’s SPACE TWIN solution. These cabinets are the ideal place to keep items such as bottles, chopping boards, herbs and spices and baking trays. To ensure good workflow in your kitchen designs, we recommend positioning these narrow cabinets close to the preparation bench or stove.
U-shaped sink pull-out
Make optimal use of available storage space around the sink with Blum’s Sink Drawer. The u-shaped cut-out for the sink bowl provides additional usable space. Cleaning utensils such as sponges and dishwashing liquids are out of sight and stored within easy reach right where they are used.

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Originally featured in Kitchen Yearbook 24