Appliances for the ultimate kitchen


These stylish kitchen products won’t just help you when preparing meals but will improve the overall look of your work space

De Dietrich is a brand well known for their unique French artistry, premium quality product offerings, unrivalled technological innovation and sleek contemporary designs.

Their latest offering of kitchen products continues their signature trend of
sleek design, revolutionary intelligent cooking technology and superb durability — and with this in mind we couldn’t wait to jump in and check out what was on offer.

Le Piano Cooktop

The greatest benefit of this cooktop is that it allows even the most the most inexperienced home chef to cook like a professional. Utilising intuitive technology, Le Piano enables up to five different vessels to be cooking at different temperatures, simultaneously. Simply place pots or saucepans anywhere on the hob, and let Le Piano takes over. It will determine where each sits on the hob and adjust the temperature as necessary.

Other impressive features include touch screen, 99 minute independent timer and 10 safety features with dedicated lock function. The Le Piano comes in glossy finishes in Dark Pearl with with top and bottom bevelled chrome trimmings.

DOP1180X oven

Coming with 50 pre-programmed recipe cooking guides and a self-cleaning system, the DOP1180X is possibly the world’s most intelligent oven, making cooking easy for everyone lucky (and smart) enough to own one.

Also offered is 12 expert modes, including most notably turbo grill for rotisserie cooking. This setting causes the fan and grill to operate at the same time, with the fan helping circulate heat while the food is cooking — reducing cooking time by a third while never comprising the result.

The pizza setting is another great offering, cleverly combining three elements–with the a focus on the lower oven element, as most heat comes from the lower part of the oven. As the name implies, this function is ideal for dishes with a dough base, such as pizza and pies, as well as evenly cooked dishes with cooked tops and crispy bases.

Self-cleaning begins automatically once the oven reaches a temperature of 500, carbonising all the dirt inside into a fine ash.

DME1135X Microwave

De Dietrich’s range of microwaves offer the same quality as their other range of products, as is evident with their DME1135X microwave.

This premium microwave features easy-to-use controls together with display screen showing cooking settings and progress, and a diamond diffuser system that ensures uniform cooking throughout the microwave, with different power levels and cooking functions for each food type.

Other features include multi-start program with recommend temperatures, shelf levels and illuminated display.


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