Expert Advice: Lee Hardcastle, Designer (Enigma Interiors)
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From blank canvases to established homes, Enigma Interiors’ chief designer and owner, Lee Hardcastle, knows how to create beautiful spaces

“From a very young age, I recall being intrigued in determining how things worked and the mechanics behind them,” he says. “I’ve always had a fascination with improving the design of objects and spent spare time during my teenage years creating and inventing on a small scale. After completing a cabinetmaking apprenticeship, and coming from a family of artists, it was a natural progression to graduate into the design field.”

A dedicated perfectionist, Lee’s diligent approach to design is not for the faint-hearted. “Foremost, the space, shape and layout must all make sense. I look at each room or cabinet as a piece of art,” he says. “When I start a design, my mind sees countless options. Then I quickly narrow it down to just a few. Before long, the optimal choice is realised. Once I’m satisfied with the functional and practical aspects, more visual appeal and features are added to create an exciting and engaging space. There are no set boundaries or limits in my mind, only possibilities yet to be discovered.”

From concept to completion, Lee believes collaboration is key to helping clients achieve their desired spaces. “A good designer must always work closely with their client. What suits one person may not work for another,” he says. “I love to work through each step of a design with my client alongside me, then they appreciate all the options along the way and can decide for themselves what would suit them most. Also, by the end of the process, my client is convinced that the design presented truly represents the essence of their desires.”

Lee Hardcastle has a sharp eye for style, and his desire to constantly create means he is always ready for the next challenge that comes his way. “I always have several projects on the go and each will be so different from the others,” he says. “I don’t have a set style; some designs are vintage inspired, others futuristic.”

When it comes to his love for design, it really is the simple things that count for Lee. “Our team gets to continually explore new projects, discover new methods, push boundaries and make bold suggestions all while having fun with our clients,” he says. “Ultimately, seeing a client overwhelmed with their new space is my goal.”

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