Light Fantastic


Trip the light fantastic in this space from Kitchens by Peter Gill. With an ergonomic design, practical butler’s pantry and light that shines as far as the eye can see, this room is certainly one to be remembered.

This renovation was incredibly thorough. Walls and windows were removed, with new walls added to create structure. The dining room was taken out and a butler’s pantry added, allowing for a second preparation and washing zone as well as plenty of extra storage to minimise foot traffic in the main kitchen. A concealed sliding door system has been custom-made to ensure mess can be easily hidden away or the kitchen can be opened up, adding a sense of extended space.

Storage was a priority in the room’s design, with plenty of cabinetry included. Bifold lift-up doors have been added to the overheads for easy access, with glass display cabinetry allowing the owners to inject a touch of personal style into the space. But it’s the use of light that truly makes this kitchen come alive.

A large skylight welcomes in plenty of natural light. The display cabinets have LED strip lighting rebated on the inside for a real showcase feel, and further LED strip lighting underneath that adds a glowing effect and provides additional benchtop illumination. Finally, three striking pendants draw the eye to the focal point of the room — the island.

Designer Peter Gill — C.K.D AUS, C.B.D AUS, C.O.I.D (RMIT) for Kitchens by Peter Gill
Photographer Patrick Redmond