Surprise & Delight


A hidden surprise is tucked away behind the streamlined design of this room by Fresh Kitchen Solutions.

High ceilings allow for a sense of grandeur and the dramatic moss-green cabinetry is a delightful way to add depth and dimension to the space. But while these are two key features that play into this kitchen’s success, they’re also easily visible to the naked eye.

The true surprise in this room is the hidden walk-in pantry. This large space runs directly behind the main kitchen wall and is cleverly hidden away behind doors concealed in the room’s signature cabinetry. This means mess and clutter can be tucked away neatly, ensuring the kitchen feels clean and open at all times.

But that’s not the only surprising feature in this space. Drawers in the island have been shortened to allow for a power point, making this a very practical preparation area indeed.

Two tones of wood in the floor and cabinetry add interest while complementing each other, and the high open shelving allows the owners to inject another pop of personality into a room that is already truly bursting with individuality.

Designer Fresh Kitchen Solutions