20 time-saving kitchen appliances you need in your home

20 time-saving kitchen appliances you need in your home


A helping hand is always appreciated, especially when life gets busy. Save a minute or more with these time-efficient kitchen appliances, perfect for any household


Ozmo 930 Ambience Shot 073

The latest example of innovative technology meeting household demands, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has released the DEEBOT OZMO 930. This intelligent bot tackles both vacuuming and mopping with its patented OZMO technology. During set-up, the DEEBOT OZMO 930 scans, maps and plans the most efficient cleaning path across an entire home. Anti-drop sensors and obstacle detection technology protect the bot from damage caused by stairs or furniture. With the easy attachment of a cleaning cloth, this bot can mop any area it’s directed to, the carpet detection technology ensuring your rugs stay dry. Take control with the ECOVAC ROBOTICS app which can effortlessly schedule a clean. ECOVAC ROBOTICS DEEBOT OZMO 930, harveynorman.com.au



Nutribullet Rx 22

If you’re looking to save time in the most efficient, compact and simple way possible, search no further than the NutriBullet Rx. The exceptional nutrient-extraction power of this product is worth its weight in gold, offering a quick, health-conscious way of breaking down plant foods to their most absorbable state. NutriBullet cups can also be directly twisted onto the extractor blade, allowing you to save time and clean-up by removing the need for a large jug. These cups are dishwasher-safe and the blades can be washed quickly with soap and water. NutriBullet Rx, nutribullet.com



Breville Bakery Boss2

Breville’s revolutionary high-end mixer saves time on every turn. Ideal for dense doughs and batters, the double scraper beater wipes the sides and bottoms of the bowl with ease. Cutting mixing time by 60 per cent, this speedy appliance is designed for heavy use. Available in the stunning Black Truffle colour, this mixer looks the part in any modern kitchen. Throw away the hand mixer and enjoy the bliss with the Bakery Boss. Bakery Boss in Black Truffle, breville.com.au



Urbipod In The Kitchen2

Enjoy having a garden at your fingertips all year round with UrbiPod, the indoor micro herb and salad kitchen appliance. Made to be mobile, this product features four detachable pods that can be placed in the kitchen as you cook or at the dining room table for fresh garnishes. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this clever design is easy to assemble and clean — no gardening experience required. The UrbiPod utilises a low-energy LED growth light to deliver faster plant growth. The appliance’s deeper-growing pods deliver larger plant yields than its competitors. Skip the trip to the backyard or grocery shop with this great product. UrbiPod, urbotanica.com



Ilve Oven2

Save on cooking and preparation time with ILVE’s new 900 Series built-in oven. Boasting a CHEF-assist program with 35 preset recipes and automatic cooking times all controlled by a touch screen and smart control panel, this oven is as interactive as it is intelligent. For ease of use, the ILVE built-in oven converts recipes from Fahrenheit to Celsius and allows you to save up to 100 “personalised” recipes so you can cook your meal perfectly each time. The large cooking cavity also gives you the room to cook more food at the same time. ILVE 900 Series built-in oven, ilve.com.au



Spirit Product Image2

Like most people, we love all types of bubbles — but our new favourite is SodaStream’s Spirit sparkling water maker. Designed for ultimate convenience, the Spirit’s sleek new design is available in red, black or white and fits beautifully into any modern kitchen decor. Featuring the brand’s innovative snap-lock technology to help consumers transform ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water in seconds, this innovative product has won the 2017 Red Dot Product Design Award. Quick, easy and affordable, SodaStream makes staying hydrated fun. SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker, sodastream.com.au



Thermomix V2

Boasting an impressive range of functions, from cooking, steaming and mixing to chopping and weighing, the Vorwerk Thermomix goes above and beyond the call of duty for a standard kitchen appliance. Designed for the time-poor, or those working long hours who want a healthy meal fast, the Thermomix caters for this need by providing an extra set of hands in the kitchen. With fresh salads, cake mixes and fruit sorbets made in under a minute, and delicious risotto in just 20, the benefits of owning this appliance are immediately evident. Vorwerk Thermomix, thermomix.com.au



Fastslowpro 11

The Breville Fast Slow Pro is the ideal kitchen appliance to reduce cooking and preparation time in any home. This multicooker has pressure and slow-cook menus that automatically adjust time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking. Dual sensors monitor the ingredients for more accurate temperature and pressure control, while the hands-free steam release automatically varies across foods to maximise flavour and texture. With the function to pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, sauté and sear at the press of a button, you can rely on the fully interactive LCD screen to tell you when it’s building pressure, cooking or releasing steam. Breville Fast Slow Pro, breville.com.au



Mitsubishi Electric 270218 Credit Jacquiemanning 88952

Functionality, stunning aesthetics and energy efficiency come together in Mitsubishi Electric’s LX630 fridge. Equipped with a super-cool chilling drawer, it can store meat, fish or other perishable food without freezing at about -3°C to 0°C. Removing the hassle of defrosting, this drawer leaves food ready to cook at all times. An automatic ice maker is another of this product’s great features — a continuous supply of ice cubes at the ready without the need for a plumbing connection. This low-maintenance and state-of-the-art fridge saves time and money in the best way possible. Mitsubishi Electric LX630 fridge, mitsubishielectric.com.au



Sousvide Image 11

The AEG PrecisionVac SousVide vacuum sealer drawer offers vacuuming, marinating, sealing and air-returning functions. By storing vacuum-sealed food in the fridge or freezer, the freshness is extended, giving you delicious, home-made meals that require minimal time and effort. Ingredients are preserved up to three times longer with vacuum sealing than refrigeration storage, allowing you to prolong the time between shopping trips! From liquids and marinades to fish, fruit and vegetables, the AEG PrecisionVac SousVide vacuum sealer drawer has fully adjustable controls, allowing up to 99.9 per cent vacuum. Easy to use and highly efficient, this product takes freshness to a new level. AEG PrecisionVac SousVide vacuum sealer drawer, aegaustralia.com.au



Kogan Cold Press Slow Juicer1

Minimise juicing time while maximising nutrient retention with the Kogan Cold Press Slow Juicer. A pressing and squeezing action rather than fast spinning blades ensures the nutritional value remains in the liquid and is quiet to operate. With a large inlet and jug, it’s easy to bulk juice fruits and vegetables for the entire family. You won’t need to look for a more convenient and efficient machine. Kogan Cold Press Slow Juicer, kogan.com



Tefal Optigrillxl1

To make grilling easy, the Tefal OptiGrill+XL is a smart appliance that automatically adapts the cooking time to the thickness of the ingredients, and indicates the precise cooking level from rare to well done, even for frozen food. You can monitor your cooking directly with an indicator light that glows a colour corresponding to how well–cooked the food is. Save time with the frozen food cooking mode, which allows you to grill straight from the freezer. High performing with a large cooking surface, the grill has a sizeable drip tray and angled plates, so cooking juices run off and can be simply wiped away. Tefal OptiGrill+XL, tefal.com.au



Electrolux Dishwasher1

The Electrolux ComfortLift dishwasher makes stacking and removing plates easy. Efficient and effective, this 60cm built-under dishwasher has the TimeSaver function that cuts the length of a cycle so your dishes are ready when you are. Some of its programs can wash a full load in up to 50 per cent less time than normal. The cleverly designed machine automatically opens the door up to 10cm when the cycle is complete, the AirDry technology allowing dishes to dry quicker and more naturally. Even the most crowded load is no match for this dishwasher, with the FlexiSpray arm that has five different spray levels and moves in multiple directions. Electrolux ComfortLift dishwasher, electrolux.com.au



Samsung Dacor Steam Oven1

Available in two sizes, the Modernist Pro Dual-Fuel steam range combines highly sophisticated design and performance. Professional-level precision comes through with the powerful sealed brass burners and integrated electric griddle. Get creative with the steam cooking solutions of Steam Bake and Steam Roast, two features that will result in healthy, perfectly cooked dishes inside and out thanks to superior cooking technology that distributes heat evenly to achieve the best results. The Dacor iQ kitchen app lets you remotely monitor and even control your oven using your smartphone. Dacor Modernist Pro Dual-Fuel steam range, samsung.com.au



Bosch Series 8 Built In Coffee Machine V2

Start your morning well with the Series 8 coffee machine by Bosch. This fantastic appliance offers AutoMilk clean, an automatic steam cleaning process that’ll leave the machine clean and ready to be used. Guaranteeing maximum espresso indulgence, the Series 8 coffee machine can fill two cups at the same time, and with the myCoffee app, save up to eight favourites so preparing your morning wake-up never takes long. Intelligently designed, this simple and smart product is the perfect coffee machine to wake up to. Series 8 fully automatic built-in coffee machine, bosch-home.com.au



Sunbeam Rice Cooker1

The unspoken hero in the creation of a delicious stir-fry or hot curry, the Sunbeam Rice Perfect Deluxe 7 and Steamer delivers beautiful fluffy rice. Simply add the rice and water and this machine will do the rest. The Auto Keep Warm function ensures the rice stays warm until you’re ready to eat. This appliance will provide up to 14 cups of cooked rice so quantity isn’t a problem. Sunbeam Rice Perfect Deluxe 7 and Steamer, sunbeam.com.au



Bosch Series 8 V2 Warming Drawer Bic630ns1a

For those last-minute meal preparations, a Bosch Series 8 warming drawer is ideal. With temperatures between 40°C and 80°C, the warming drawer can gently defrost the forgotten beef. Slow cooking is another function this appliance does brilliantly, and once cooked, the food can be kept warm while you wait for everyone to arrive. Your plates can also be pre-warmed with this handy device. Bosch Series 8 warming drawer, bosch-home.com.au



Kogan 32l Stainless Steel Convection Microwave Oven With Grill1

The microwave oven is one of the most useful and time-saving appliances in the kitchen. A quick solution for heating up leftovers, softening butter, steaming vegetables and much more, it’s a household staple for many. The Kogan 32L stainless-steel convection microwave oven with grill lets you achieve delicious food how you’d like, and comes with microwave, convection and grill functions. Kogan 32L stainless-steel convection microwave oven with grill, kogan.com



Tefal Actifry 31

Think frying can’t be healthy? Think again. Offering both speed and a healthy way to fry, the Tefal ActiFry Express XL is a versatile appliance that revolutionises the traditional frying style. This product can cook fresh and frozen food with ease. Besides being able to cook up to 1.5kg of chips with little to no oil, this fryer can cook curries, stir-fries, casseroles, risottos, desserts and much more. Break cooking rules with the ActiFry Express XL. Tefal ActiFry Express XL, tefal.com.au



Kitchen Aid 21

Lightweight and compact, this appliance will fit in any kitchen. The KitchenAid Artisan food chopper is perfect for making sauces, chopping meat, herbs and vegetables. It’s ideal and convenient for a smaller family or for quick jobs, with sharp blades that deliver excellent results quickly and efficiently. This food chopper will quickly become part of the family. KitchenAid Artisan food chopper, kitchenaid.com.au


Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25, Issue 2