Neolith Estatuario is twisting the timeless
Neolith Estatuario Complete Homes Editorial 1

Neolith Estatuario is twisting the timeless


Transforming the traditional, Neolith Estatuario draws inspiration from time-honoured white marbles. Imported directly from Europe, Neolith Sintered Stone synergises the utmost design principles with functionality — resulting in a scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant surface. Now, Neolith Estatuario is the contemporary classic that will redefine how you think about shapes and spaces.

Characterised by its flowing marble veining, Neolith Estatuario is one of the most sought-after Neolith styles in the collection. Refining the white marble look, this Sintered Stone effortlessly synergises with both light and dark architectural elements – giving your dream kitchen a balanced look.

Highlighted in this design by Hastings Design, this elegant kitchen is a statement in sophistication. Neolith Estatuario’s pure white background effortlessly highlights the warm, raw tones of the timber. The surface’s combination of thick and subtle veins provides an elegance that engulfs the entire space.

The symmetrical aesthetic in this design is captivating. Elaborate edges and the three layers within this benchtop create a truly mesmerising picture. The bright backdrop of Estatuario paired with the polished cabinetry gives this space an aura of freshness. Highlighted by the strategic light fittings, this contemporary kitchen is a profound twist on a timeless kitchen design.

Neolith offers more breathtaking design. Aside from its durability, Neolith is easy to clean and impervious to chemicals. You’ll be able to place hot pans and cut food directly on the surface or use harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom or floors.

Perfectly portraying a timeless marble look, it is easy to see why Neolith Estatuario was one of the most popular stones of 2018. Due to continue its domination in 2019, Neolith Estatuario is sure to bring your renovation to life.

Neolith Estatuario is exclusively available through CDK Stone, visit to request a free sample today!