Palatial chic


The ultimate luxury in this kitchen isn’t the lush Caesarstone benchtops, nor is it the high ceilings or the sizeable windows. The ultimate luxury here is space

This much-desired feature is seldom found in modern homes, but this rural property has it in spades. So much so that there was enough room for two benches — the first reserved for early morning coffee making and the stainless steel version for meal preparation. Besides having more than enough space to spread out, the collective counters provide an extreme amount of storage, with clean-line cabinetry and handleless drawers ensuring clutter is kept to a minimum. Natural light floods this kitchen, with the white walls and glossy surfaces allowing it to cleverly bounce throughout the room. Despite the airy and bright atmosphere of this space, a healthy dose of drama is injected in the form of floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in a shade of lush walnut. A flat-screen television is cleverly disguised by the rich shades, allowing diners some visual entertainment during mealtimes. A concealed walk-in pantry sits to the right of the fridge, while a large roll-up appliance cupboard has been used to discreetly hide small appliances when not in use. The wealth of stainless-steel accessories and the minimal layout evoke a sense of sleek austerity, with the restrained colour palette and excess of free space creating a kitchen that’s both chic and classic.

Designer: Peter Gill for Kitchens by Peter Gill

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Issue 23 Volume 3

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