Hamptons Style Kitchen

Pared Back Hamptons Style Kitchen Design


This roomy kitchen is housed in a period-style home that was being renovated room by room. The kitchen was the first to be updated, and with good reason; the original kitchen was so unsightly that the homeowners had begun to remove it immediately.

While the homeowners wanted a kitchen with modern functionality, it was important to design the space to complement the home’s heritage. Accordingly, a pared-back Hamptons-style space was designed and materials and fixtures chosen.

Face frame cabinets were integrated for a truly old-school, handcrafted look, and tongue-and-groove lining boards painted in white were integrated to provide the perfect backdrop for a casual country kitchen.

Though island benches are very much in vogue right now, it is wise to know when an island bench is not welcome. This kitchen could have housed an island bench, but it would have meant that the wall of storage would not fit.

The storage wall was more important to the homeowners’ lifestyle as they required space for numerous kitchen items and bulk pantry goods, so it was implemented. A small square display area was built into the space in the form of overhead cabinetry in which cherished items could be displayed.

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