Rock of ages: Carysil sinks
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Rock of ages: Timeless Carysil sinks


When you choose a sink from Carysil, you’re getting no ordinary product. Designed from 30 years of manufacturing excellence and cutting-edge innovation, a Carysil sink is synonymous with quality.

Made from the hardest part of granite, quartz forms around 80 per cent of the raw material used in these composite sinks. Enjoy the freedom of a sink resistant to scratches, dents, cracks, stains and heat — what can’t it handle? Available in more than 50 countries and fresh on the Australian market, Carysil sinks come in a range of colours to suit any style of kitchen. Wonderful to look at and use, they are both easy to clean and hygienic so you can spend more time doing what’s really important — eating. Behind every Carysil product is an appreciation of technology, function and aesthetics. You’ll have peace of mind with this luxurious and enduring kitchen sink, which comes with state-of-the-art German technology and a limited lifetime warranty.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly 26.1