This Ashgrove pool takes a Brisbane backyard to the next level


This Ashgrove pool offers the ideal opportunity to holiday in your own backyard, thanks to the work of Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction

The family dreamt of an elevated plunge pool with an overflow as a feature, and a sitting area on the top deck. The brief was tranquillity, and the homeowners also wanted to maintain their grass area and still stay within budget.

Due to the very tight block with limited access and extensive underground rock, an elevated design was the preferred building option, based on time and cost, according to Matthew Harriden, co-owner of Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction. “Our inspiration came from the fact the site was very rocky and the cost for earth excavation to remove the rock would have been expensive and very timely, hence an elevated pool was chosen,” explains Matthew.

Surrounded by a deck area, also built by Beau Corp, the formal geometric rectangular design is a compact 5m long and features a beautiful fully mosaic blend-tiled spill overflow wall facing the house. Jasmine vine, a beautiful climber, provides a fantastic backdrop to the pool area and adds a great fragrant addition. The space makes relaxation a priority; creating a tranquil escape for the homeowners in their very own backyard.

“This design takes the backyard environment to another level and shows what can be done with good design on a tight block,” says Matthew. “We have also met the clients’ brief without compromising their budget.”

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Boutique Brisbane pool company Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction has been servicing the construction industry for over 50 years and is in high demand among property owners who are looking to build a beautiful and luxurious pool. Beau Corp loves constructing aquatic lifestyles

“…Relax…Why not holiday in your own backyard…?”

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