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Unique kitchen storage from hafele

Skinny storage: Hafele Kitchen Base Cabinets

HafeleKitchen Base Cabinet storage for pots

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Sauce storage: Hafele base cabinets Hafele Kitchen Base Cabinet storage


Standard kitchen base units are 60 cm deep. You need a fitting that moves stored items out in front of the cabinet to make intelligent use of this storage space.

Whether it’s baking trays or cleaning agents, a mixer or a pressure cooker, application-oriented – Kesseböhmer Base Cabinet Solutions allow you easy access to whatever you want.


Firstly, the Base Cabinet Roll-Out COMFORT – a filler cabinet with diverse shelves – can be adjusted to suit different widths. Secondly, the DISPENSA Junior, a pullout larder is ideal for all widths between 30 and 60 cm, side wall thicknesses between 16 and 19 mm, and any larder height – it’s up to virtually any task!

Lastly, there’s the PORTERO a cleaning agent pullout that includes rollouts for sink units cleaning utensil baskets, dustpan and hand-brush racks, hand-towel rollouts, laundry baskets and more.

See! When it comes to Clever Storage Solutions, Häfele really does have an answer for almost everything!

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Upgrade your Home Office

Upgrade your Home Office

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Häfele Overhead Storage Solutions

Häfele have some fantastic-innovative overhead storage solutions, which can modernise and maximise kitchen cupboard functionality by transforming a conventional cabinet unit into an ergonomic storage system.
Clever Storage by Hafele

Clever Storage by Häfele

Are you busy planning your new kitchen? Perhaps you are just looking for a kitchen upgrade and are in desperate need of more storage. Have a look at how your kitchen space is currently used. Do you have many tall and overhead cabinets? What’s in your kitchen corner?
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Häfele’s Drawer Range

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Storage Solutions

Wardrobe and storage solutions by Hafele

Storage solutions from Häfele don’t end in the kitchen. Wardrobes are another area where efficient storage solutions are much appreciated. From hanging spaces for dresses, shirts and blouses to pull-outs for shoes and pants, Häfele can help you building a functional wardrobe you will love!
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