Smart Living in your Kitchen


Do you want to bring your kitchen into the 21st century but you don’t know where to start? Nowadays, technology seems to be more important than ever. Technology, that won’t disrupt your design so to speak.

We love to connect and control all sorts of things to our smartphones and embrace comfort and easiness in our daily lives. At Häfele, we of course noticed the change of mindsets, so we’ve been working hard to make sure we are able to offer you solutions that actually work and make your everyday life easier. We don’t believe in just selling products, it’s more important to us to have a positive impact in your life and make your busy life a little easier and less complicated.

Lights that can be controlled by your smartphone are still seen as a big step into the modern age. However, it definitely isn’t as complicated to achieve anymore as it was a few years back. Our full LOOX Lighting range can be connected to your phone via our BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy Technology) Box and the Häfele Connect app. Whether you are looking for striplights or down lights – we can help you to showcase your kitchen to highlight your design rather than disrupting it. You have the option of warm or cool white or just go colourful with our RGB lights. Most of our LOOX LED lights are dimmable which makes it a perfect solution for any occasion.

The LOOX range is much more than a lighting range. It also includes the 420E Sound System. The difference to a standard sound system is simple: The exciter speaker are installed into a cabinet, sending vibrations through different surfaces so your furniture becomes a sound conductor. Combining seamlessly with the LOOX LED system, your home can be controlled easily through one app.

Smart Living doesn’t end with lighting and sound solutions though. Only this year, we have added Point Pod to our range. Point Pod is a pop-up power outlet that hides within your benchtop. No longer do you need to disrupt your splashback by putting power points onto the wall. Point Pod solves this issue in the most convenient way. It comes in two sizes to ensure your needs are met! Quickly, this Australian designed and engineered product stole our heart and was added to our Must-Have list for new kitchens. A gentle touch on the top and it rises out of your benchtop and with another gentle push on the top, it will lower back down – all thanks to an electric lift. You don’t need to pull it up or push it back down. Furthermore, the unit has an IP rating of 44 which means it is electrically safe, even in the event of a spill! Do we need to tell you more? Point Pod is that popular that you might even have spotted it on TV this year…

Alternatively, or additionally (you decide) we have the option of hiding your power outlet in a drawer too. The Docking Drawer is another great product solution for your power points that comes in two different sizes. The great feature that comes with Docking Drawer Trio Is an interlocking safety feature. The product contains a thermostat so if the temperature rises over 50ºC, the power will be cut off. We love products that go that one step further to make sure it’s not just convenient but also safe to use!

Overall, Smart Living is a personal decision and doesn’t stop with the technology used either. We believe all products that make our life easier and more efficient fit into the criteria of Smart Living. Whether that is a great storage solution, lights that connect with your smartphone or a power outlet that hides in your benchtop. The options are endless and the choice is yours!

Get in touch with us today by visiting one of our showrooms or simply visit our website for more information!

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