Steam cooking with the latest kitchen technology

Steam cooking with the latest kitchen technology
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Cooking with steam has been around for decades and thanks to the latest household and kitchen technology, it is also the method of the future

Not only it is easy to cook healthy and tasty meals with the ultra-modern combi-steam ovens, the appliances are also extremely versatile and make your everyday life so much more comfortable. A combi-steamer is the perfect appliance for those who like to prepare meals in an uncomplicated way, but still want to enjoy eating a healthy and varied diet. The appliance combines an oven and steamer in one unit, thereby opening a new world of cooking and enjoyment. Valuable vitamins, nutrients and aromas are retained much better when foods are cooked over a gentle heat with steam than when cooked conventionally. Not only it is ideal for cooking vegetables gently, but also for cooking meat exactly the way you like it, baking bread or poaching eggs for your guests over a Sunday brunch and even cooking a meal of rice, vegetables and chicken breast all at the same time. The secret behind V-ZUG’s modern combi-steamers is the result of years of development within the engineer and design departments in Switzerland. Also, V-ZUG has worked closely with professional chefs, whose valuable knowledge has had a direct influence on the appliances. Even though they are designed for non-commercial use, many top chefs from around the world include V-ZUG combi-steamers in their restaurant kitchens.

On the topic of steam, V-ZUG has a range of dishwashers available, which feature unique programs such as SteamFinish to guarantee sparkling clean dishes every time. If steam-related kitchen appliances are what you are after, V-ZUG has you covered.

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