Stylish splashbacks: glass range


These toughened glass splashbacks are stunning and will bring style and sophistication to your kitchen or bathroom

Using Starphire glass, Palmer’s Glass have created some of the most stunning splashbacks we’ve ever come across here at Complete Home, splashbacks that offer a wide range of key benefits.

Not only can the glass be specifically catered to the Dulux colour of your choice, but is also available to be installed in Slump or textured glass.

As opposed to metal plating or ceramic tiling, toughened glass is highly durable and will not shatter, crack or break, meaning you can breath easy knowing that this is a material that will survive any accidents — and will look just as good as it did on the day it was installed.

It’s also easy to clean and, as mentioned previously, highly stylish, with a wide range of colour choices available.

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