Superior silence: balancing air movement and reduced noise

Superior silence: air movement vs. reduced noise


This rangehood system finally proves that its possible to achieve the ideal balance between superior air movement and low levels of noise

Finding the balance between superior air movement and low levels of noise can be difficult to manage. Whispair, an Australian brand that specialises in the design of premium-quality rangehood systems, utilises revolutionary technology called KleenAir, which doesn’t rely on finding a balance between air movement and noise.

With Whispair, you have the choice between two remarkable solutions. The first utilises an on-board EC motor technology to eliminate motor noise from the fan unit; the second completely removes the powerful fan motor from the canopy and places it away from the kitchen, considerably reducing operating noise while still achieving a high level of extraction.

Designed and assembled in Australia, Whispair utilises unique S-Flow baffle filters, energy-efficient LED lighting and an ultra-reliable MasterMind electronic system. A rangehood is designed to extract heat, steam, grease and odour from your kitchen environment. Whispair’s innovative KleenAir technology takes this process to a new level of performance, making it different from most others. It simply works.

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