Zipscreen Outdoor Shades: It’s all about what you don’t see


Zipscreen’s hidden z-lock technology creates the perfect gap-free shade, helping you use Zipscreen to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment oasis

Featuring the patented z-LOCK™ side-fastening technology, create the ultimate gap-free shade solution. Designed to completely seal and protect your area from the outdoor elements such as sun, wind, rain and especially pesky insects, maximise the use of your outdoor pergola or undercover alfresco space all year round.

The z-LOCK side-tensioning system uses a one-of-a kind, Japanese-made zip, which fits perfectly into the slim side channels and stays hidden from view. Its teeth are made from durable, high quality hard plastic that won’t wear out over time, unlike low quality cord systems made from rubber or soft plastic that can easily weaken. Cleaning the zip is also low-maintenance, requiring only a soft brush and water to remove any debris. The zip is kept sturdy and stable as it works behind the scenes to tension the fabric and remove any imperfections, preserving the look and durability of your shades.

z-LOCK’s unique two-piece design provides up to 20mm side adjustment to fit in areas which may not be perfectly square. A seamless, guided movement, ensures the fabric won’t blow out and eliminates any rattle, even on breezy days; a consistent, smooth operation every time.

Zipscreen’s slim side channels combined with a modern cassette, available in a range of colours, results in an aesthetically pleasing, stylish shade system, perfect for the modern home. The hidden z-LOCK side fastening system stays out of sight to help maximise your view.

Rollease Acmeda offers a comprehensive 5-year warranty on Zipscreen™ hardware. A Zipscreen™ shade seamlessly integrates your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas, providing the ultimate outdoor shade solution for your home.

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