This Kitchen is an Entertainer’s Delight


This kitchen renovation designed and built by Dezign Kitchens is an entertainer’s delight.

Can you believe this space is located in an apartment? Despite being a small area, it still presents the illusion of grandeur — a truly impressive overall effect.

Having decided to downsize from a house to an apartment, the homeowners still wanted to maintain a similar lifestyle, so the brief was to create the same feeling of spaciousness and grandeur that existed in their previous home while allowing them the ease of apartment living.

As frequent entertainers, the owners wanted to incorporate the kitchen with the dining and living area to allow for easy movement for family and guests, as well as capitalise on the spectacular ocean views. The inclusion of a downdraft cooktop in the kitchen island links the working and entertaining spaces of the kitchen, allowing the owners to prepare food while still interacting and engaging with guests.

For a seamless aesthetic, appliances including the fridge and dishwasher were integrated and attention to detail was not overlooked, with the symmetry of the back-wall bank of cabinets creating an overall balance within the space.

An important element of this kitchen design is that all small appliances such as the coffee machine, toaster and kettle are hidden away to avoid clutter but still easily accessible. This was achieved by incorporating an above-bench appliance cabinet using a bifold cabinet door, extending usable bench space and maintaining the clean design aesthetic of the bank of cabinets on the back wall.

Dezign Kitchens has crafted a classic and elegant style to fit the apartment’s aesthetic, while also making the space feel fresh, contemporary and timeless.

Designer  Dean Shear for Dezign Kitchens

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