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A Timber Surface For Every Palette


In embracing biophilic principles, designers are now selecting timber surfaces to allow us to experience the benefits of connecting with nature in our homes. Through considered design combining natural light, planting, timber surface and other organic, naturally occurring materials, homes can become sanctuaries of calm that nourish the soul and enhance personal wellbeing.

Research shows the use of wood in interiors not only has a positive psychological effect on wellbeing, but also a stress-reducing effect, like that produced by immersion in a natural environment. Authentic timber products are warm to the touch, easy to clean and require little maintenance to keep spaces free of dust and mildew. Furthermore, timber surfaces are shown to break down viruses faster than non-porous surfaces such as metal and plastic.

A leader in the industry, Elton Group supplies superior interior architectural products with natural appeal. Committed to environmentally sustainable materials and best practice manufacturing methods, Elton Group’s premium timber veneer products are available with FSC® certification, complying with advanced environmental standards for forests, water utilisation and raw material utilisation.

Elton Group’s extensive range of products includes the ever-popular Eveneer® and Evenex® ranges.

timber surface


Eveneer is a premium, sustainably produced timber veneer. Free from knots, splits and discolouration, the unique production process saves material, time and cost. Available in a range of contemporary colours, Eveneer surfaces are suitable for panelling and joinery throughout the home. From living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms to wardrobes and bathrooms, the innovative Eveneer range presents designers and homeowners with new opportunities to push design boundaries, whether it’s a renovation project, restoration, or new build.


Offering an exceptionally realistic, next generation, timber-look surface, Elton Group’s Evenex range is perfectly suited to interior joinery when the budget doesn’t allow timber veneer. Made with pure wood fibre and no added formaldehyde or plastics, Evenex has a polished surface and is more authentic and tactile making it a step above plastic laminates and melamine. Printed with a perfectly synchronised texture and sporting a polished finish, it is near impossible to tell Evenex from the real thing.

timber surface

Evenex is available in a curated range of colours specifically selected for the Australian market, with 2 new 2023 release contemporary tones- Wicker Oak and Ridge Oak.

Renowned for quality and service, Elton Group’s high-quality timber veneer and timber look surfaces balance art and science. Their products offer contemporary and readily available options for every home build application, style and budget.

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