Top quality hardware to last a lifetime with Blum


When creating furniture for your kitchen and bathroom, Blum offers peace of mind with top quality hardware designed to last a lifetime.

Blum’s premium box system LEGRABOX combines flawless functionality with unprecedented levels of personalisation, giving you the opportunity to express your style and personality throughout your kitchen and bathroom.

Maximise storage potential

LEGRABOX is known for its slim 12.8mm drawer sides, which help to maximise the width of the drawer. Blum’s box system also allows you to utilise the entire depth of the drawer, using
full extension runners that can support up to 40kg or 70kg. Whether you’re storing cutlery, toiletries or heavy pots and pans, LEGRABOX is more than capable of supporting your day-to-day kitchen and bathroom activities.

Memorable motion

The seamless and timeless look of your kitchen and bathroom drawers deserves the best motion on offer. LEGRABOX offers a smooth, feather-light glide thanks to a unique horizontal runner system. To further enhance functionality, LEGRABOX allows you to implement two motion technologies with a single-runner system. With soft-close BLUMOTION as standard, you can incorporate the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system or TIP-ON BLUMOTION mechanical opening and soft-closing support system to open your drawers with just a touch to the cabinet front.

Beautiful InsideOut

No one likes a messy drawer. By combining LEGRABOX drawers with Blum’s AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system, your drawers will enjoy a sophisticated aesthetic, both inside and out. AMBIA-LINE can be easily reconfigured to suit your needs, using magnetic frames that attach to each other as well as the metal drawer sides of LEGRABOX for a snug fit every time.

‘Out of the box’ Designs

With LEGRABOX design options, you have the freedom to create drawer side designs tailored to your personal style. By using a mix of interior drawer colours, along with a range of new drawer side materials and finishes, you can create the drawer of your dreams.

An elegant basis: LEGRABOX pure and LEGRABOX free

With the metal drawer sides of LEGRABOX pure, you can utilise a range of matt colours as well as premium antifingerprint stainless steel to create a beautiful contrast or blend seamlessly with your selected cabinet fronts and finishes throughout the kitchen and bathroom. LEGRABOX
free allows you to pair these colour options with artistic design elements such as glass for clear visibility of the contents from all sides.

The special collection: LEGRABOX special edition

LEGRABOX special edition provides a unique range of finishes and materials for the entire drawer-side exterior. The eye-catching drawer-side finishes can also be coupled with customised branding elements that can be printed or embossed in a variety of colours and finishes to enhance your chosen LEGRABOX drawer-side material.

The ultimate in individualisation: LEGRABOX individual

LEGRABOX individual provides complete freedom to be creative and fashion unique designs for your kitchen and bathroom. Use your imagination to mix colours and materials for the inner drawer side and outer decorative elements to carry out personalised drawer designs.

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