3 doubling up-efficient workspaces

Top 5 Tricks for Small Kitchens



3 doubling up-efficient workspaces












Smart design vital for small kitchens when trying to maximise bench and appliance space. You don’t have to compromise on functionality and a professional designer can lend a helping hand to ensure you make the most of every precious inch.Freedom Kitchens shares their top five design tricks to create the impression of a larger kitchen.


  1. Light and Bright

Using a neutral palette will help achieve a flawless, uncluttered look.  Gloss finished benches help bounce light around the kitchen, while mirrored splash-backs create the illusion of space.


  1. Fuss Free

Handles on every cupboard door are unnecessary and can be too busy for smaller kitchens. Instead, choose handle-less touch catches for upper cabinets to create a neater look.


  1. Double Up

Incorporate a sink that comes with other accessories, such as a chopping board to increase preparation space. You could also include a breakfast bar at one end of the preparation area and use the space underneath for additional storage.


  1. Storage Solutions

Instead of a standard cupboard, opt for deep drawers which allow for easier access and well as being more space efficient for larger items. Extend your upper cupboards all the way to the ceiling, not only will this maximise storage but will also minimise dust!


  1. Downsize

Downsized ovens, fridges and dish-drawers are widely available, as appliance companies are responding to apartment style living. Smaller appliances allow for more cabinet  more preparation space.


Need a hand making the most of your kitchen? Book a free in-home design appointment with a professional from Freedom Kitchens. Visit freedomkitchens.com.au or call 1800 113 733.


Words: Natasha Lutrov