Vintec has cabinets down to a wine art


Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy the occasional drop, look no further for the perfect wine storage solution than a Vintec Multi-Temp wine cabinet.

With a sleek appearance that oozes sophistication, this stylish Vintec wine cabinet will perfectly cellar bottles at a consistent temperature of 12-14°C or, uniquely, will create a temperature variant from top to bottom for the optimum serving temperature of any drink. From a chilly 2°C for beers, soft drinks and mixers to 16-18°C for reds, quality drinks deserve the best-quality environment to be stored and served.

A Vintec wine cabinet is capable of creating all the right conditions, regulating humidity, reducing vibrations and utilising a double-glazed door with UV-protective glass so your wines can rest undisturbed.

With a capacity for almost 200 bottles, this premium product offers not just incredible cellaring of your beverages, but an impeccable design that can be a wow factor in your kitchen. Chic borderless black glass, adjustable wooden shelves and a seamless aesthetic are all wrapped up in this gorgeous wine cabinet that is bursting with functionality.

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Originally in Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 4

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