A warm, family kitchen reimagined in oak


Mama is a unique project in which designer Kate Lawrence pays homage to her past by reimagining her family home with her mother, creating a space that reflects a sense of quiet and serenity.

The home boasts soaring ceilings and ample natural light. The beautiful earthy palette of materials is reflected in the use of oak as the primary material in the kitchen. Timber invites warmth and nature into the space.

The kitchen cabinetry is complemented by the muted concrete countertops — the smooth, streamlined and structural straight lines work well with the gentle curves and unpredictability of the wood’s natural grain.

Faucet Strommen’s beautiful Australian -made tapware has been used to give the space a touch of class. The Pegasi sink mixer in antique brass is a standout feature. Its elegant simplicity adds understated style while also contributing to the organic character of the project with its beautifully proportioned design and stunning natural finish.

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards allow for plenty of storage, and open shelving is an opportunity to display decor or treasured family mementos.

Interior design Kate Lawrence Interiors
Photography The Palm Co

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