How to perfect waste management in your home


With people becoming more aware of waste separation, Häfele has looked at how they can make recycling easy for themselves and their customers. It’s not just about separating recycling from landfill, Häfele offers various solutions that include more than two pails so you can easily separate your waste in the kitchen.

Recycling needs to be a functional and an easy solution and as waste bins can look quite disrupting to your design, we obviously didn’t want to let go of the design-aspect even in something as simple as rubbish bins.

Stand-alone bins are not an option for us. They never look good and are always in the way. If you ever come across Häfele, you know how much we love to integrate solutions into your cabinet – hidden away and functional but also with a wow factor when opening the drawer or cupboard.
Häfele closely works together with three key suppliers for waste management. Ninka and Hailo – both with German origin just like Häfele, and Hideaway Bins that come from our neighbour country New Zealand. We focus on the best of the best in the industry.

As the world becomes more and more aware of separating waste, just one bin alone just doesn’t do the job anymore. We offer easy solutions in the form of the Ninka Bio Bin or the Magro bin for your compost and food scraps.

To make it easy to separate recycling from landfill, we have many options available in different sizes, finishes and styles.

Hideaway Bins for example are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and are also part of the Buy New Zealand Made campaign. There is a choice of four Hideaway bin ranges: Deluxe, Compact, Soft-Close and the newest addition Concelo. Hideaway bins come in several sizes, from 15L to up to 50L for commercial spaces. While you can get single pail bins, Hideaway also has the option of a double bucket configuration to make waste separation easy.

The latest addition to the Hideaway Bins range is the Concelo bin which really is our favourite! But it’s not just our favourite, in 2018 it received the Gold Star Award for Innovative Technology. You might ask, what is so different about the Concelo? First of all, it is super easy to clean. You can unclip all key components, wash them and easily clip them back into place. Additionally, the Active Lid helps to control odours while allowing you to keep your hands free to simply drop waste into the bin. To learn more about the Hideaway Concelo bin, click here.

The Ninka One2XL and Hailo Euro Cargo waste bins are similar at first glance and make a great fit for a larger household as the One2XL holds a total of 84L or up to 70kg while the Euro Cargo ST45 holds up to 76L. Both are very popular choices for big kitchens and a multi-person household.

Additionally, Hailo offers various solutions that are perfect for small spaces and single-person households. The Tandem range is a great option that also works perfectly for under-sink cabinets.

When you plan your kitchen, don’t forget to include a waste bin in your plans. It’s often the most forgotten item yet no one loves to see the freestanding bin in the corner. Head to Hafele Home now and find a bin that suits your needs!

If you’re unsure what you want, you are always welcome to come into any of our showrooms with your plans and our team is happy to assist you in further planning and decision-making to build your dream home.

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