Wine Wall Art: an innovative wine rack design

Wine Wall Art: an innovative wine rack design


The unique, streamlined wine rack design patented by STACT designer Eric Pfeiffer delivers a storage service unparalleled in style or functionality

Furniture-grade panels are combined with aircraft-grade bottle supports in easy-to-install, modular units that carry nine bottles each alone, or 12 each when fitted side-by-side. STACT wine racks are suited to walls of any size, in rooms of all types. They are made to work separately or in unison, with a neck-out or bottle-out aesthetic, and with standard and magnum-size bottles of wine. Quality backing panels come in 12 different colours and finishes and are made to standardised size, allowing for an endlessly versatile and expandable wine rack wall. Anodised aluminium supports are graceful and sturdy in action and constructed to be in a class all their own.

And the quality doesn’t end there. STACT offers a full design service to ensure the right style and system of wine storage for your home or business. The best colours, combinations and layout are all tailored to your specific needs. Cellars, kitchens, bars and under-stair nooks are carefully considered — no space is unsuited to STACT’s simplified, elegant wine units. Visit their showrooms in Perth or Newcastle, or one soon to open in Melbourne, for advice from a team of architects, builders and interior designers.

STACT wine racks are an innovative and dynamic feat of interior design that offers the sturdiest and most versatile possibilities in wine storage.

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