5 Reasons to Knock Down and Rebuild


So you love the area you live in but not your house. It faces the wrong way, the facade and layout is dated and the design and decor are drab. The answer? a Knock Down Rebuild project!

Here are five reasons why you should knock down and rebuild:

Don’t compromise on your dream build

With over 90 floor plans to choose from, Hotondo Homes have a home design to suit every lifestyle. Whether you’re a large to modest family, couple or individual, each home design is completely flexible so you can modify the plan to create your dream home.

It will save you money

Renovating an old run-down house can often cost you more than doing a knock down rebuild project. Building a new home will ensure your home is designed exactly the way you want, that it uses modern, energy efficient technology and as a result is more cost-effective to run.

Stay in the area you love

The design of you home shouldn’t be a barrier to living in the area where you are established. Stay near the amenities, schools and people you have come to know and build your ideal home to complement your lifestyle.

Be involved every step of the way

When you choose a builder that offers open communication throughout the entire building process, you’re guaranteed a building experience free from unnecessary anxiety. Everything from reviewing the land, checking the title and adhering to the local council guidelines, to applying for the appropriate residential building permits, Hotondo Homes’ builders have got it covered. It’s important to know that they’re approachable and will listen to your needs, and answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Save on the environment and more money!

Ensuring your new home is environmentally sustainable will not only reduce your carbon footprint but could help you save loads on your energy bills! Building a home that utilises passive solar techniques and water saving practices will mean you’re contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable environment: Read ‘What is a Smart Home?’ Hotondo Homes offer a plethora of cleverly designed homes which comply with state energy standards. Home builders can enjoy the advantages of their new, energy efficient homes including saving on utility bills and making their residence more resilient to climate change.

Hotondo Homes’ builders offer a great range of over 90 flexible floor plans to suit your budget and lifestyle requirements. To find your local builder click here.


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