A Customised Modular Home That Makes the Most of its Location


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A busy working couple whose children had grown up and flown the coop were looking to build a home that would set the scene for the next stage of their life. They had the location, a beautiful block close to the beach in South Kincumber on the NSW’s Central Coast; they just needed the right home design.

“The clients had visited a display staged by a large volume builder, but with the inclusions they wanted, they realised this option would be way over their budget,” says Jacky McDougall, owner of Parkwood Modular Buildings. “Then one day, while walking their dog along the beach, they noticed a new Parkwood home that had appeared on a formerly empty block and they liked what they saw.

A Customised Modular Home

“They followed up, leading them to visit our factory and display. They shared their vision for their new home and we set about devising a design within their budget – one that would capitalise on the stunning water views.”

After drawing up the plans, submitting them to council, helping the clients choose their colours and inclusions, and ordering the selected materials and fixtures, Parkwood began the build within its state-of-the-art factory.

Customised Modular Homes

“Clients are always welcome to view their home while its under construction. The owners of this home appreciated this and came often to take photos of their developing home and record the stages to send to family and friends living overseas,” says Jacky.

Once the foundations were prepared on site and the modules completed, it was time to install the home. “On installation day the home leaves the factory in sections. These are transported to site and a crane used to position all the sections, after which they are connected,” explains Jacky. “The final external and internal paint finishes, the laying of carpets etc. are all completed over the next weeks.

Parkwood Modular Homes

“COVID-19 presented some problems for the build schedule due to lockdown periods and the closure of some suppliers, but with the careful management of deliveries and external visits, and by running our team in two shifts to help prevent infection and consequent closures, we were able to continue to function throughout. The only other challenge was the need to keep the whole build to a low level so it wouldn’t affect the neighbours’ view.”

The owners now have the contemporary home they desired. Characterised by clean lines and with a simple but sophisticated base colour palette of grey, white and black, the look is modern but timeless. Although undeniably stylish, it’s also a home built for comfort and functionality.
One example is the underfloor heating included in the master bedroom ensuite; another is the large rectangular sky opening on the main deck that brings more sunlight into the main living area. Then there is the extra acoustic insulation Parkwood put into the walls of the theatre room.

Parkwood Modular Homes

“The proportions and solid, square appearance of the build gives the home a strong external presence which is complemented by the Spandek and Matrix cladding,” concludes Jacky. “From inside to out, the clients now have the home they envisaged.”

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