Architectural masterpiece: a stunning contemporary build


This striking residence challenges the idea that new homeowners can only achieve their dream abode with the help of an architect

The Edge, built by Rawson Homes, offers a spectacular array of stylish and sophisticated layout and design features that you might expect to see in an architectural portfolio.

This is a home with clean lines and contemporary inclusions. “We wanted to create a light and airy feel,” explains Phillipa Harrison of Rawson Homes. “We used light materials and maximised the window space throughout to help create this.” Rawson Homes chose to place a full glass wall to one side of the abode, traversing levels and allowing light to filter in throughout the day. The clever placement of glass is a special feature that gives the home its bright and breezy aesthetic, but also works for homeowners who are conscious of their energy consumption.

New homebuilders who might be considering narrow blocks of land would be in safe hands with this design as it is particularly suited to this tricky building issue. It is also an excellent choice for homebuilders looking to knockdown and rebuild, especially if the site is narrow or small. What is special about this design, though, is that although it has been built many times before, it has never been built the same way twice. “All our homes are fully customisable,” explains Phillipa. “Every Edge Rawson Homes build is different, taking into account the needs of the homeowners.”

The Edge is part of Rawson Homes’ Rebuild with Rawson range which dives in headfirst to deal with any associated challenges encountered with this type of building style. “Our aim was to build a home that would compete with architectural firms in the knock-down rebuild market,” says Phillipa. “We showed it was possible to have a customisable, designer home without the price tag that it usually comes with.”

This is a knockout home that is perfectly suited to many different types of homeowners – its fully customisable options paired with the sophisticated architectural elements make it a great space for any family looking for a designer home at an affordable price.

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