Easy does it: the Metford home design


If you want a home where the living is easy, you couldn’t find a better design than the Metford

When we come home at the end of a long, hard day, we want to shut the door behind us and relax — and with the Metford, that couldn’t be easier. “This contemporary single-storey home, which boasts four bedrooms and two bathrooms, provides fuss-free living, responding to the modern family’s need for an easy-care, low-maintenance lifestyle,” says Levi Naas, head of innovation for Rawson Homes.

The Metford, with its open and versatile floor plan, was designed according to the Livable Housing Guidelines, which means comfortable and easier access for everyone including young children and the less abled. In following the guidelines, Rawson Homes maximised every square metre, creating a floor plan that provides ample space for relaxed everyday living.

“This is a masterful design filled with light and open spaces, which forges an easy connection between the lounge, family, kitchen and alfresco areas. In fact, the Metford has a range of inviting indoor and outdoor spaces designed to entertain guests and delight the entire family,” says Levi.

“The well-considered palette of colours and materials used is modern yet classic, which means the look will never date. The interior design features are elegantly simple and there is a strong emphasis on natural elements and colours. A well-designed home in a class of its own, this stylish single-storey home, with its neutral tones and great use of natural light, really is a lesson in pared-back elegance and timeless design.”

As with all designs from Rawson Homes, certain elements can be adapted according to each family’s needs. From the beginning, experienced staff members sit down with each client and discuss their specific requirements, after which variations can be made (whether its room size or orientation) to ensure that the end result suits the family’s needs not just now, but also well into the future.

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