These CorTen steel fireplaces are perfect for year-round entertaining

These CorTen steel fireplaces are perfect for year-round entertaining


CorTen steel beauties make outdoor entertaining perfect year-round

The Scandinavians have a wonderful saying: “No terrace without a fire…” And they are, of course, completely right.

The story of RB73 is one of passion, not only for fire but also beautiful and timeless products. Handmade by professionals with a genuine love for their work, these fireplaces mean you can enjoy warm evenings through summer and the rest of the year, making the most of that wonderful extra warmth and atmosphere on your terrace.

The fireplaces all have glass fronted doors so those gather around don’t suffer from smoke, ash or damaging sparks on the terrace. Their CorTen steel gives the fires a solid appearance and long life. The rusting process is different for each fireplace and therefore every fireplace is unique. Made by Dutch family business Reny — based in Duizel in the Netherlands — the product is completely designed, developed and produced in-house. This team of professionals with a passion for wood-burning stoves has the most modern systems and machines at its disposal for this very purpose, guaranteeing quality, commitment and service.

The Piquia model is a compact CorTen steel wood stove with an industrial look. This terrace stove has a galvanised steel door handle and stainless steel lock bolts both above and below the door, which contrast well with the warm rustic plate material. To keep things neat, at the rear is a small ash tray. Then there’s the Quaruba. Available in three different sizes, it’s a stylish and elegant stove that sits 85cm high (the smallest option) with square glass offering direct visuals to the enchanting flames. This cube shaped terrace stove has a unique modular construction, with the option to assemble as desired with anything from one glass-fronted door to four glass panels. A four-wheel version is super easy to manoeuvre into place, and the platform for the wheels can also be used as storage for firewood. Model X, the middle of the three Quaruba sizes, has a height of 95 cm, ensuring beautiful elongated glass panelling for a great view of the fire, while model XXL, the largest of the bunch, is a real eye catcher on the terrace with his height of 105cm and tall glass panels providing even better flame views.

The Bijuga is another robust CorTen steel outdoor stove. Its striking timeless design combines tight lines and surfaces with industrial accents. The sheet material is folded out on the connecting seams, with all bolts and nuts visible. Hardwood merbau parts (knobs and push-bar) not only provide beautiful design details but are also practical for operation as they don’t get too hot.

Again, the two-wheel version with a push-bar on the rear is easily moved, and the emblem on the hood is a symbol for the collaboration with Atelier Rene Knip, the designer of this stove. Rene’s work has a distinct design, characterised by balanced proportions, aesthetic beauty and high quality materials.

Wood storage ‘Bruges’ — storage made from CorTen steel — are also available in the range, designed by Belgian designer Jan Kuppers of Kuppers & Wuytens. The shape is inspired by the typical Belgian façade construction. Provided in flatpack form (the parts are easy to assemble), the little houses themselves being surprisingly stable. The resulting natural beauty of stacked wood combined with naturally rusted steel alongside the green outdoor environment ensures the wood storage serves more than just a functional role.

Together this beautiful range of stylish, durable and well thought-out outdoor furniture can — and should — be given a prominent and visible place in your garden.

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