How to choose the right builder for you


Building a new home can be daunting, and is often a challenging process. Finding the right builder for you can make a world of difference when it comes to handling issues during the build and also in creating your perfect home.

With a handpicked selection of 11 of Australia’s most trustworthy builders, we thought this would be a perfect question to ask the experts at HomeQuest – Sydney’s Luxury Display Home village. Here are some of their must-know tips when it comes to making sure you choose the right builder for your project.

Work out what type of builder you prefer

It’s important to remember that there are many different types of builders out there, and experiences will vary from one high-quality builder to another.

Many builders build different styles of homes and offer varying flexibility in design. If you are building on a difficult site or an area with unique conditions, it always helps to choose a builder that has experience particular to your needs.

A smaller, localised home builder may see you working directly with the builder themselves while a ‘volume’ home builder that builds at scale may involve a salesperson acting as intermediary. You should choose a building company that aligns with your preferences in this arrangement as well.

You can often make this process simple for yourself by asking these questions upfront with your builder or salesperson. Ask what their priorities are as a company. Do they focus on build quality, service or have other priorities? Are you able to speak to past clients to hear about what their experience was like?

How to choose the right builder for you

Look at the projects they build

If you know what kind of home you have in mind, it’s incredibly useful to choose a builder who has experience in projects similar to yours.

With that in mind, HomeQuest recommend asking your builder whether they have done a project like yours before. Asking “Have you done a project like ours before?” will help you know that a prospective builder can not only build to your preferred style, but is also most able to foresee any issues that may arise throughout the build process.

It is also worth asking a prospective builder whether you can see one of their jobs currently under construction. A site visit is incredibly useful as it allows you to understand what interactions may be like throughout the build process, and what it can be like to deal with builders on-site. A new home build can often be a 2-year journey, so it’s important to establish trust and envisage what a working relationship would look like to avoid issues arising later on.

Learn the qualities of a good builder

Although good builders come in all shapes, many of them share common qualities. One of the most important is a proven track record. Another is someone who is easy to work with, flexible and approachable. First impressions can often be correct, so keep this in mind when dealing with a builder to make sure that you feel comfortable working through the entire building journey with them.

Avoid falling for common misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about builders that can get in the way of finding a truly good builder who will best meet your needs. One of the most common is that builders are out to ‘rip you off’, or overcharge unnecessarily on their services.

It’s important to remember that no matter who you build with, it is likely to be expensive and prices in this market continue to go up monthly across the board. It is much more important to find a builder you trust, and can work well with, than to choose a builder based on price alone and regret your decision later.

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