Luxury finishes a top priority for home buyers looking for a forever home


Upsizers and experienced property buyers are prioritising luxury upgrades and finishes when searching for a home they can live and grow in

It’s a trend that one of Australia’s largest residential builders, Privium Homes, is capitalising on with more luxury finishes coming standard with all of their homes, including the Canvas Series.

For a limited time, the Canvas Series homes come with a Colorbond roof, LED down lights through the entire home and higher ceilings. The driveway, porch and path are also included at no additional cost.

Privium Homes National Sales Manager, Aaron Jambrovic, said people searching for their forever home are typically in their mid-30s, already own a home and are thinking about starting a family.

“These buyers are likely to be on their second or third home and have a strong idea of what they want such as premium finishes and higher ceilings to complete their home,” he said.

“They’re going for the home they can just walk into. When completing a home build there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re living in a construction site.”

Mr Jambrovic said finding the right home is an emotional and lifestyle purchase.

“We’re not just building homes for people; we’re striving to create a concept that’s unique in the eye of each individual buyer,” he said.

“Each home is constructed to help customers pioneer their own futures by providing modern living solutions in an impeccably finished package that meets their unique needs. This is the true idea behind our homes.

“But with starting a family, affordability and a reduction in household income may also need to be considered. Privium Homes offers the perfect mix of affordability with luxury finishes and features that meet family requirements over the long term.

“There is no sacrifice, and there will never be any surprise costs with our homes. Before our customers put their deposit down, they’re provided with the total fixed costs for their new home.

“We also offer a lifetime structural guarantee, which provides peace of mind for our buyer — their homes have been built to last a lifetime,” Mr Jambrovic said.

Harish Kumar’s family moved into their new Privium home at Pallara on Brisbane’s southside in July 2019.

“Our new home has given us a special touch of luxury at an affordable price,” he said.

“We love to live in our new home with more space and natural light. The finishes are very good, from the cabinetry, doors, hot water tank with solar boost, to the modern kitchen, lighting and more height.

“Privium Homes guided us all the way through the build, and our home was built and delivered ahead of schedule,” Mr Kumar.

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About Privium Group

The Privium Group is a full service, vertically integrated homebuilder, with services that extend from land development through to property management and software solutions.

With a 23-year heritage, the Privium Group is one of the most respected and competitively priced suppliers of property, finance and lifestyle services across Australia’s East Coast. Offering a full range of civil, design, construction, finance, lifestyle, and software services, the Privium Group is passionate about meeting the growing needs of its clients and stakeholders.

About The Privium Homes Canvas Series:

Privium Homes pursuit is greater than just building your next home; it’s about fusing Craftsmanship, Innovation, and Transparency to create elevated environments that inspire customers to pioneer again.

Privium Homes aims to help customers pioneer their futures.

We understand the dream of pioneering — inventing and creating — your own future. Through the Canvas Series, Privium Homes works with customers to design homes that capture that pioneering spirit. It’s time to ‘pioneer again’.

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