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At CplusC, craftsmanship, comfort, sustainability, and practicality are at the heart of every design.

By prioritizing local climate conditions and understanding the client’s lifestyle expectations, they create unique and personalized outcomes that truly enhance the way we live.

Director Clinton Cole emphasizes that choosing an architect based on their portfolio alone is not enough. It’s essential to consider how they manage expectations around design, scope, time, and budget. With CplusC, you can trust that your project will be handled with care and efficiency, resulting in a beautiful and functional space.

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One of their standout projects is the Balmy Palmy House, nestled in the trees of Palm Beach, Sydney. The design process for this project was all about finding a balance between design, scope, time, and budget. By pre-fabricating parts of the house and removing internal hallway access to the bathroom and bedrooms, they were able to reduce costs while embracing the local climate and creating a luxury camping/holiday experience immersed in the natural environment.

To make Balmy Palmy feel like a true home for its owners, CplusC prioritized listening to their needs and desires. They even installed a cargo net as a cost-effective way to create an outdoor living space that was both relaxed and fun.

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Sustainability is a major focus for CplusC, and they encourage their clients to use materials and appliances that reduce the impact on the environment. They carefully evaluate the embodied energy of materials, especially through timber, and maximize airflow and circulation with Haiku ceiling fans by Big Ass Fans for ultimate comfort, reducing the need for air-conditioning. 

“Good Airflow and circulation for a room is very important to bring some of the outdoors inside” says Clinton. 

CplusC Architects

At CplusC Architectural Workshop, they understand that good design goes beyond just aesthetics. By prioritizing sustainability, functionality, and the needs of their clients, they are creating spaces that truly enhance our way of living.

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Photographs by Murray Fredericks, Michael Lassman and Renata Dominik

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