Real renovation: Temperature and design in balance


A renovation of an old Australian home, using clever design principles and the efficiency of Hebel, has resulted in a gorgeous and efficient home

Originally built in 1945 and quite run down when purchased, this home has been completely rejuvenated with a recent renovation. With a brief to keep the existing character and quality of the home, while updating the structure and letting more light in, architect Mark Wilson of Danette Architecture looked appropriate solutions for the home.

The brief included the need for minimal temperature adjustment – the materials used needed to ensure the structure would remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The project included the demolition of the existing first floor, and the installation of a new floor in its place. Mark then looked for the best materials to suit this and the client’s needs. Deciding on a timber-frame structure for the new first floor, a lightweight masonry building product was necessary. Also, a key item in the brief was the inclusion of deep window reveals, which required a similar building product.

Mark recommended Hebel to the client, due to the amazing thermal and acoustic properties the material offered. Also by using Hebel, Mark was able to create a design that would not have been possible with other building materials. “Hebel perfectly suited the design of the deep window reveals and ensured a beautiful finished aesthetic,” Mark says.

The thermal efficiency of Hebel ensures comfort throughout the year, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling appliances. Hebel also boasts high acoustic absorbing properties, meaning that sound transmission between rooms and noise penetration from external sources is significantly reduced. Made from Aerated Autoclaved Cement (AAC) which is used extensively in Europe and Japan, Hebel provides a rendered masonry finish and a solid feel and is backed by CSR.

Choosing Hebel for the external wall finish for the new first floor walls reduced the requirements for expensive steel framework and also significantly reduced the build time. The end result is perfect for the client. As Mark says “The completed luxury home is a stunning and unique dwelling which draws on the natural light but is also highly energy efficient, creating a cool environment during the summer and a warm cosy one in winter”.

Written by Lauren Farquhar

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