3100 Step Top - R SN - Color - High Res - Photo

Turn the heat up: Our look at this seasons fireplaces


With Quadra-Fire from Jetmaster, performance comes standard. These durable wood-burning stoves are built to last.

5700 Step Top SN - Color - High Res - Photo

It all started with the development of the Four-Point Burn System. This patented technology produced intense rolling flames so efficient, it created the inception of the Quadra-Fire name. Next came Automatic Combustion Control (ACC). This advanced heat-management technology feeds the fire with air when it’s needed most, for precision start-up and consistent, extended burns.

Today, Quadra-Fire creates clean-burning, easy-to-operate and durable wood stoves. It’s the commitment, tradition and guiding principle of this rugged brand. The Millennium Series delivers powerful everyday performance and long, clean burns.

3100 Step Top - R SN - Color - High Res - Photo

Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) increases efficiency and offers advanced heating control. Rugged construction with thick-plate steel and a fully welded, brick-lined firebox ensures longlasting performance.

The Step Top Series offers proven performance with clean burns, easy operation and durable construction. Basic maintenance is easy with a unique lower ash pan design. Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) burn technology works in unison with the Four-Point Burn System to achieve powerful, efficient and intense burns.



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Originally from Period Style magazine, Volume 9